What’s Rocko Doing?


I had a big weekend. Attended a cookout in the rain on Friday where I met the half of Share Louisville I haven’t already known for years. If you don’t know what Share Louisville is and you’re from Louisville, you’re behind the eightball already. They sell t-shirts and prints with the kind of sly, clever slant you expect from our region. I write for them. Look for my articles there weekly.

I woke up on a couch late for the Abysmal Brutes podcast, and by “late” I mean late for the time we moved it to (1 PM) so that I would have time to sleep off the shit I got into (was scheduled for noon). I pulled my boots on, rolled over to their basement studio, ate a Whopper that had gone through the microwave and about half a big bag of chips with most of a jar of salsa, then cut this recording with the fellas. I come in around 3:45. Lookout, Billy Boy!

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