Zoinks!! It’s the Walking Dead!! (Scooby Doo/Walking Dead crossover figures)

00 SD group

It’s the Walking Dead spin-off series we all want to see!!  A band of four mismatched teenagers and their dog, on the road in a beat-up old van, doing their best to survive in a world plagued by the walking dead!!

These figures are only the first phase of a big project.  I’ll also be making a road-weary, blood-soaked Mystery Machine, and a “street corner” diorama to be on display in this year’s Chaos Theory art exhibit at the Henning Cultural Center in Sulphur, LA.



Shaggy 01 front
Shaggy – For his body, I used the comic book Rick Grimes figure.  I replaced his stump with a hand from a Glenn figure.  The head came from a Doctor Who 11th Doctor/Matt Smith figure.

Shaggy 02 body & head

I had to grind off the neck to match the body’s articulation.  The Doctor Who and Walking Dead collections are both 5” scale, but they’re still not a perfect match.  I had to grind down the jaw and chin to make the head appear proportional to the body.  I also added a few extra flyaway locks of hair to make him look more “shaggy”.  I sculpted his goatee.  The belt and holster were already a part of the original Rick figure.

Shaggy 03 fusion

Shaggy 04 left

Shaggy 05 back

Shaggy 06 right



Daphne 01 front
Daphne – For the body I used TV Andrea, with the head of comic book Andrea.

Daphne 02 body & head

Daphne 03 fusion

Daphne 04 left

Daphne 05 back

Daphne 06 right



Velma 01 front
Velma – This one is made from a Maggie Greene figure.  I sculpted some bangs.  The glasses came from the aged 11th Doctor/Matt Smith head that was packed with the “Time of the Doctor” figure set.  I wanted to use them as they were, but the round lenses looked too big and fake.  I had to gently grind the lenses down into a rectangular shape.

Velma 02 body & head

Velma 03 fusion

Velma 04 front

Velma 05 left

Velma 06 back

Velma 07 right


Fred 01 front
Fred – For the body, I used TV Rick Grimes (series 6) with the head of Steve Hart from the Primeval collection, made by the same company that makes the Doctor Who figures.

Fred 02 body & head

Being in the same exact scale as the Doctor Who figures, I had to do the same modifications as Shaggy by removing the neck and grinding down the jaw and chin to appear proportional.  I had a conundrum with Fred; ascot or not?  I rolled it around in my head.  Could I give him a cartoon-accurate ascot without it looking like a joke?  No, I couldn’t.  I thought about tying a bandanna around his neck, but that just felt like I was trying too hard.  I ended up going with a dirty white button-up shirt with a light blue collar, with a bit of an orange t-shirt peeking out of the neck, just to give it that touch of orange where the ascot should be.

Fred 03 fusion

Fred 04 left

Fred 05 back

Fred 06 right



Scooby 01 front
Scooby Doo – I used a Schliech “Great Dane” figurine.

Scooby 02 figure

I painted him brown, and added black spots where the actual Scooby Doo figure has them.  I noticed that from left to right they were perfectly mirrored for easy cel flipping in the animation process.  I went ahead and varied the size and placement on my version to make it more realistic.  I sculpted the collar and diamond-shaped tag.

Scooby 03 fusion

Scooby 04 left

scooby 05 back

Scooby 06 right

group Shaggy & Scoob

group 01

group 02

group 03

Keep watching for Phase 2:  The Mystery Machine!!


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4 responses to “Zoinks!! It’s the Walking Dead!! (Scooby Doo/Walking Dead crossover figures)

  1. Jeanie

    It looks fantastic!

  2. Rod Keith

    Amazing. And Junior is going to freak when I show him. Two of his favourite things in one!!

  3. Rod Keith

    Update: Junior thinks these are awesome and was hoping you were making these for us. 🙂

    Also, he suggests that your upcoming Mystery Machine have spikes on it. Just an idea. 🙂

  4. Dr.Schmecklesberg Klitnick

    That is so fucking stupid. Waste of a series 3 Rick

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