Let’s try Plan Bee: Sweet Bee repaint (MOTUC)

Sweet Bee 00

When I’m thinking of a list of the coolest action figures ever, I can’t say Sweet Bee comes to mind.  When the Masters of the Universe Classics collection released their Sweet Bee figure, based on the 80’s figure from the She-Ra/Princess of Power collection, even my lowest expectations managed to aim too high.  I think Mattel decided to save a few bucks on a character that no one was all that jazzed about.  In my opinion, she looked like a Happy Meal toy.  She was made of cheap, shiny plastic.  While her features were faithful to the Filmation cartoon, the downside was that she looked more cartoony than the rest of the figures in the collection.  Also, she looked more like a cereal box mascot with her crazy color combo of black, yellow, red, pink, gold and orange.
Sweet Bee 01
I immediately wanted to repaint her in a simpler yellow and black outfit.  It turns out that I’m not alone in this.  Back in the 80’s, there was a She-Ra sticker book that featured Sweet Bee in black and yellow.  (I couldn’t dig up the image for this post, but it’s floating around the internet somewhere.)  I also managed to find this custom figure (courtesy of darah.com) of vintage Sweet Bee repainted in black and yellow.
Sweet Bee 03
So here she is!  There’s not much to say about it.  It’s a repaint, with 200X Buzz-Off’s wings.  I repainted her hair a more realistic shade, then gave it a brown wash, then some highlights.  I made all her accessories gold.  I opted against painting the cross ties on her boots black.  It just seemed like a little too much when the goal was to streamline her look.

Sweet Bee 04

Sweet Bee 05

Sweet Bee 06

Sweet Bee 07

Sweet Bee 08

Sweet Bee 09

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  1. Impressive! Thanks for sharing this.

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