Zeta, the Cosmic Enforcer (MOTUC)

00 Zeta main

As I’ve mentioned before, I sure do love those Cosmic EnforcersZeta is inspired by some concept art of Zodac/Zodak that almost appeared in the 200X Masters of the universe cartoon by Mike Young Productions.  I’ve always liked the idea of a more alien Cosmic Enforcer, and I finally got around to creating one.

01 Cosmic Enforcer concept art
The Lizard figure from The Amazing Spider-Man movie collection was larger than the standard Marvel 6” figure, making it perfectly in scale with the Masters of the Universe Classics collection.  I removed the tail and patched up his butt.  (There’s no shame in that.)  I removed the Lizard head and replaced it with a Zodac head.  I decided to forgo the boots, gloves and pants (no shame, I said!) but I wanted him to wear the traditional Cosmic Enforcer armor.  As you can see, the elongated torso created a “big man/little suit” problem.  I extended the length of the armor by sculpting a few more ribs.  When I tried to attach it, the dry Milliput didn’t bend with the contours of his torso.  I made a cast and made a new one out of resin, which was much more malleable.  I cast a second one to extend the back as well, creating some lower back protection from the jetpack, and allowing the belt to connect from back to front.

02 Zeta WIP

03 Zeta armor sculpt & cast
I decided early on that I was going to paint this figure in black and white.  I wanted him to appear cold, calculating, and devoid of emotion.  A being of pure logic.  I used a metallic white paint for his skin to give it a pearlescent finish.  The helmet is flat white to give it a slight contrast from his skin. His armor is gray, and the only black on the figure is his eyes.

04 Zeta front

05 Zeta side

06 Zeta side

07 Zeta side

08 Zeta back

09 Zeta globe

10 Zeta group

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