The Big Picture

I’ve been working on this for a while–over a year, it seems, since I found some files that old. It was inspired by this:


The Marvel Expanding Universe wall chart and book. It’s a book that opens out to this 6’+ poster. It’s nice, but I don’t care for some of the art they used (why any Howard the Duck but Gene Colan’s?), some of the information is inaccurate (they confuses their Warlocks, for example), and it has a particular conceit in its grouping. Still, a fun, big piece of work. The biggest problem I have with it?

Wrong company.

DC needs one. Now considering anything we’d get at this point would include, if not consist entirely of, the New 52, I don’t even want to see DC tackle such a thing. So I did it myself. It will be big, bigger than the Marvel one, and include hundreds (maybe a thousand?) of characters, teams, locations, technology, logos, house ads, covers, and images from several media. What constitutes the DC Universe? Well, in my opinion, like the Star Wars universe one could say it encompasses movies, tv shows, comics, novels, toys, and more. I don’t have the finished document quite yet, but I am inside single digits of having all the elements ready and the background has been coming together for a while. Here are a few samples.





Instead of Marvel’s family grouping, I went with six categories on a color wheel (a nod to the chromatic nature of the DC universe these days): yellow for vanilla humans (e.g., Batman), orange for altered humans (Flash), red for mutants and aliens (Superman), violet for magic (Captain Marvel), blue for myth (Wonder Woman), and green for science (Green Lantern). Sure, there are going to be quibbles with how I broke it down and where I put certain characters. Well, my project, my decisions. The New Gods are mostly in a section of their own–you might call it indigo. Teams are often represented several times to reflect significant changes in membership or appearance. As you can see with Chronos, individuals using the same or similar codenames mat be in a single entry, but when they are sufficiently divergent (the Huntresses, for example) they get separate billing. And, since this could have been an unending project, I decided to end after 75 years, so it covers the beginning of DC Comics in 1935 and ends in 2010 (pre-Flashpoint–how convenient.) Now I just have to find a way to print a 7’x4′ poster at 600 dpi.



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