Inside the Park

When Sam Bop opened his Theme Park That is a City in 1959, he knew it would a success, believing in his heart that the music he loved would prove just as important and endearing to his guests. His success confounded his critics from the beginning and continues today as Bop City thrives, adding attractions and entire themes to meet the changes in American music.

We always want to help our visitors realize they are a part of the Bop City family, so we want to share some behind-the-scenes announcements. You all remember our mistress of ceremonies from last Hallowe’en, Honey Sunshine; today we are happy to announce she has joined our staff as Director of Internal Operations. As DIO Honey will be in charge of customer relations, concessions, media–pretty much running the Park! Her demonstrated devotion to the Park’s mission made her the perfect match for the job and we couldn’t be happier!

karla ogle

With Honey Sunshine’s recent promotion, many guests have expressed an interest in the rest of the Park’s staff. Naturally, most of our personnel have been with us quite a while, usually moving up the ranks. Some names may be familiar to you. The offices and departments they head were usually named by Sam and reflect his playful nature.

In the Park itself, our accommodations and hospitality adviser (A-HA) is Teppa Hennesie, hailing from Michigan and a newer employee. Our media coordination viceroy (MCV) is Kirt Keves, a California transplant. Another Midwesterner, Boris K. Mirkan, is Exalted Propaganda/Media Director (EPMD), and our human resources director, or Exalted Minister of Fairness (EMF) is Larry “Red” Gagne, from sunny Virginia Beach.

stephanie perrin steve kirk brian morris

We have two remote executives: Josh Monroe, director of our Cultural Board of Great Britain (CBGB), and Glen Eagere, director of our Office of Multinational Fellowship and Universal Goodwill (OMFUG), who operate from Liverpool and Toronto respectively and represent Bop City to the English-speaking world (the Australian office, Advocacy for Bringing Bop to Australia (ABBA), is seeking a director.)

The more technical departments have their own directors. The Never-ending Research to Better Quantas (NRBQ), or simply the quanta program, has had an illustrious chain of directors: Amwerth, Raley, Roont.

Heisenberg_11 TIMOTHY-LEARY todd-rundgren

Presently the office is held by Dr. Terri Fic, who came to Bop City from New England to chair this challenging program. At the other end of the technological spectrum—and from the other coast—is Sam Lee, director of Scientific and Technological Progress (STP), who oversees all the technical needs of the Park other than the quanta program. With Bop’s long-standing involvement with media, it makes sense that several departments have been created to serve the burgeoning needs. Jeff Ocee and Het Adare work hand in hand as directors of Entertainment and Lifestyle-Origination and Entertainment and Lifestyle-Production (ELO and ELP) to bring the numerous Bop productions to light.

deane_aikins eric lind coffee joe berenato

Needless to say, music is the most demanding aspect of running Bop City and the Park is gifted with hundreds of brilliant staff. Heading the main Auditorium for Broadcast and Cinema (ABC) is Michelle Lafayette, and the STARR (STudio And Recording Research) Labs are overseen by Tomar Zibor. The most sweeping of the artistic administrations, though, must be the Office of Musical Development (OMD), headed by none other than the Red Marvel’s original, Jeremy O’Rock, stepping into an official role with the Park while maintaining Rocko’s Records.

mish el  rocko jerome

None of this addresses the unofficial leaders within the Park: the mascots of specific themes, guides and personalities who add so much to the fabric of the Park. To learn about them and feel the spirit the Park carries one must visit in person, stroll through the alleys, relax in the bandstands, rub shoulders with the musicians, artists, fans, freaks, and followers who swarm to the Land of the Beat and the Home of the Rave.

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