Speculation: the Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor partnership

When storylines collide…

In the Batman titles, mainly spinning out of the weekly Batman: Eternal, Bruce Wayne just recently lost everything. Gotham City has seized his assets leaving him broke, living and working out of a Batbunker while Wayne Manor is being converted into the new Arkham.  His equipment cached away all over Gotham has been discovered, confiscated, and dispensed amongst the Gotham criminals.  Things are looking grim for Batman, and he’s running on empty in every way imaginable.

In the Justice League titles, Lex Luthor has Joined the Justice League, and provided them with a brand new satellite headquarters.  On the civilian side, LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises have undergone a business merger and are collaborating on a number of projects.  Lex and Bruce are partners now, even though Bruce has only gone through with this partnership to keep a closer eye on Lex and to eventually double-cross him in the name of good.  Of course Lex is probably planning to do the same exact thing, in the name of awesome.



When will the continuity police catch up with these two chains of events and tie them together?  

Think about it.  Their equal partnership is thrown severely off-balance.  Lex, who is fully aware of Bruce’s double-identity, will have two ways he can go with this.  Take the opportunity to end Batman, or to own Batman.  I think we both know which Lex will choose.  Bruce will be so desperate to save his city that he would accept Lex’s so-called benevolence and deal with the consequences later.  Bruce would insist on doing things his way, and of course Lex would agree to a silent partnership.  But we all know it’ll never stay like that.

Of course we the readers know that Bruce Wayne will eventually, somehow, get his billions back.  We don’t know how, but we can count on it.  What if Bruce somehow turns the tables on Lex and swipes his fortune, leaving him penniless and on the run from the law?  What if Bruce Wayne outvillains Lex Luthor?

Let’s hope the upcoming “Convergence” event doesn’t erase my hopes and dreams.

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