Count-down to Christmas Day 8: A Very Nineties Green Lantern!

Nineties DC Comics are as divisive as fruitcake: you either love them or hate them.

In the Nineties, DC Comics gave one last flying fuck creative push to make sense of it’s 30 something years of story continuity.

It wasn’t without … obstacles.

CASE IN POINT: Hal Jordan was THE Green Lantern for about 30 years.  He was part of a cosmic police force, with each member wearing a ring that wouldn’t work on anything yellow and ran out of power in 24 hrs.


Then in 1994, Green Lantern goes nuts, kills all the other Green Lanterns, and is now a lousy guy.  Some new guy gets one ring (no problems with yellow) and is the only Green Lantern left.


People.  Went.  Bananas.

I can see their point: 30 years of being a super dude and then a full 180 to lousy dude takes some adjusting.  Meanwhile, other superheroes were having “off-days”: Green Arrow blew up in a terrorist attack, Flash died in a cosmic crisis and was replaced by his protege Kid Flash, Aquaman had his hand bit off (!!!) and stopped shaving, Wonder Woman was replaced by her hot mom, and Superman lost all of his powers to become an electric blue dude.

It has to be said: The DC Comics of the Nineties gave you things.  You might not have liked them all, but they tried everything they could think of to keep the line going.jla-dlxv2_new

Writer Grant Morrison culled these re-vamped versions of heroes into a wild powerhouse of a team in his book entitled JLA.  It included big inter dimensional conflicts with Heaven, Lovecraft-ian horrors invading Lex Luthor’s frontal lobes, and a evil encounter with Darkseid that has since been copied for years.  Part of the fun of the book was the perspective taken from the most junior members, our rookie Green Lantern and the former Kid Flash.  We watched the audacious adventures through their eyes as they tried to make sense of what transpired around them (with us in tow).

It was a clever idea and it worked well for at least 40 issues.

And then it stopped working.

Now, you see movies and comics where Aquaman has two hands, Superman is not an electric dude, Barry Allen is the Flash on his own TV show and when the GREEN LANTERN movie tanked at the box office, it had Hal Jordan all over it.  At this moment, Wonder Woman’s mom isn’t even hot anymore.

I like the MATTEL figures of the Grant Morrison JLA, in no small part because I can’t believe anyone cared enough to bother making them.  They stopped caring 6 figures in, leaving the most hated Green Lantern in comic history in a variant outfit used for a later story (at least I got to use the head).  I don’t think he deserved the acrimony- the JLA stories made great use of his inexperience- and he certainly merited an accurate action figure.


At least he didn’t bomb at the box office…


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4 responses to “Count-down to Christmas Day 8: A Very Nineties Green Lantern!

  1. That guy.

    “I like the MATTEL figures of the Grant Morrison JLA, in no small part because I can’t believe anyone cared enough to bother making them..”

    Dude that’s harsh
    Not like we ever got Fate. j/k

    Ran across this page extremely randomly whilst searching for something else related and it made me think back to another place and grin for a moment, hence the quick post.

    Cool custom too.

    I’m sure you’ll figure out who I am, only stopping for one quick comment, nothing more.

    Happy Holidays all.

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