Count-down to Christmas Day 4: The Inferior four-out-of-five

WOW- the holiday came with some major illnesses for Mr. 12 and me.  There is finally a light at the end of the mucus tunnel and we can resume the gift-sending!

Once upon a time, comic books were funny.

On purpose.

The Inferior five was DC Comic’s shot at a funny superhero comic book.  The five were the (inept) children of the superheroes of times past…



Unfortunately, that’s about all I know.  I’ve never read the Inferior five, they have never been reprinted, and they’re not particularly accessible on the internet.  All I know is that Paul had been given a previous gift figure of Dumb Bunny and that he wanted me to make the remaining four figures.  I usually wouldn’t say yes to a project like this because a) there are so few (and inconsistent) costume reference pictures and b) I don’t like doing partial projects, but Paul has been a great guy for previous projects (I think I’ve made him the entire Fawcett comic line-up from the Forties) and this was a real challenge.

So, without further ado…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I had the most fun building these oddities and they were definitely challenging.  Paul had asked for a Disney character’s head to be used for Merry Man, but it was too large.  I had to use a size-reducing resin to get it to fit properly, and then make glasses out of clear plastic.  The Blimp was a figure from a Pixar movie.  Awkward Man’s facial expression of … confusion was a lot of effort on the eyes, balancing a realistic figure sculpt with a more cartoony head.  In many cases, I took a “majority rules” approach to costumes.  If the artist couldn’t figure it out, neither could I!


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3 responses to “Count-down to Christmas Day 4: The Inferior four-out-of-five

  1. Rod Keith

    Those are phenomenal. Really.

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