Count-down to Christmas Day 12: SHAZAM!

Oh, Captain Marvel, the-so-much-better-comicbook-than-Superman.  If only you had mightier lawyers than the Man of Steel, what a different world we would be living in.

At the very least, the better toys.

DC Comics won the lawsuit and Captain Marvel was no longer.  Unfortunately, MARVEL COMICS was faster to the punch and DC could no longer refer to him by name. When MATTEL created a toy line for DC Comics and included, perhaps as a victory lap, the former Captain Marvel in it’s lineup, he was advertised as SHAZAM!:


It’s ok.  The colors are good, but that face.  That’s not our Big Red Cheese.  To make matters worse, MATTEL then offered the rest of the Marvel Family:

WITH NO CONSISTENT DESIGN ELEMENT!!!! HOLEY MOLEY, do these people at MATTEL not know how OCD works???  Does the cape have gold fringe or yellow??? Are the cuffs gold or yellow??? MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE!!!!!


Well soon enough, the lawyers at DC decided to heck with a 75-year-old dud and gave their Shazam-guy a make-over.  “This”, they announced, “would be fit for a comic book movie”:


I don’t read DC Comics anymore, but that head sculpt reminds me of my old pal, Captain Marvel.  Better yet it reminded my pal Rocko of Captain Marvel.  With a little resin and a little paint, good ole’ St Nick whipped up:


That’s what we’re talking about.  The Big Red Cheese that could outsell Superman on any given week.  And suddenly:


DESIGN CONSISTENT.  =whew=.  Thank god yellows can now all get along.

Merry Christmas, Rocko.  Here’s to all of those old, musty comics that totally-completely-will-NEVER-be-made-into-a-movie.

IMG_3399CapMarvAdv69 42

Want to read a super musty perfect Captain Marvel Christmas comic?

You’re welcome!

Day 11 of the Christmas Countdown is here


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6 responses to “Count-down to Christmas Day 12: SHAZAM!

  1. Thank you. So, so much. You are a genius.

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