Count-down to Christmas Day 10: Kneel before Zod!

Most DC and MARVEL comic book superheroes are white.

Things are changing, a bit.  DC COMICS, for example, has created an “alternate universe” comic EARTH 2, where Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman died in a cosmic battle.  The story begins in that aftermath as a new generation of heroes is started.  Lo and behold, Superman wasn’t the only Kryptonian to rocket to our planet.  Val Zod, a dark skinned Kryptonian, becomes the new Man of Steel (the name implies the evil Kryptonian General Zod from SUPERMAN II).


I was unfamiliar with the comic when Lee asked me to make this for him, but I love this image.  Superman’s costume looks metallic and unique.


To capture the feel of the comic, I used a metallic blue for his super suit and metal foil for his chest symbol.  I really like the contrast of the white.

DC COMICS has released a toy line of EARTH 2 characters.  To date, Val Zod hasn’t been made.  I hope that changes soon.

Are there good examples superheroes of color?  My favorite was John Stewart, USMC (ret) Green Lantern of Earth, as written by the amazingly-talented Dwayne McDuffy for the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon.

Countdown Day 11 is here.

Countdown Day 12 is here.


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5 responses to “Count-down to Christmas Day 10: Kneel before Zod!

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  3. Hello,
    I found your Eartha Kit model you made while doing search – that led me here and I’d to speak with you about the mods.
    Are you a member of http://www.66batman,com forum??
    I am a member there my handle is jag007.
    I’m not sure how else to reach you here – could you please go to the bat forum and look me up??
    Thank you very much and Merry Christmas

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