Customs on a Budget: Wun-Dar and Tri-Klops out of two Mo-Larrs

00 body triplets

What do you mean you’ve never heard the legend of “Wonder Bread He-Man”, one of the most sought-after action figures in toy collecting history?!  Don’t worry, I’m about to fill this gap clearly left by our country’s education system.
01 Wun-Dar main
Back in 1981, Mattel teamed up with Wonder Bread to create an exclusive mail-away figure.  It was pretty much a cheap, nameless variant of the original He-Man figure.  They changed his colors up by giving him dark brown hair, black boots and a black belt.  They swapped his traditional “iron cross” armor for Zodac’s “Cosmic Enforcer” armor, cast in black plastic instead of it’s usual red.
02 Wonder Bread He-Man
Browsing through Ebay, you’ll find a few original Wonder Bread He-Man figures, ranging between $250 to $1,000+ depending on quality.  You’ll also find a number of fakes out there, where some clod repainted a standard vintage He-Man figure and tried to pass it off as a “Wonder Bread”.  (That’s not customizing. That’s LYING!)  Occasionally you’ll also see an auction for the actual Wonder Bread wrapper that had the promotional info printed on it. (30+ year old bread not included.  Usually.)  

Over the years, “Wonder Bread He-Man”, sometimes referred to by fans as “Savage He-Man”, has developed a mystique amongst MOTU collectors, as well as his own myths (both as a collectible and as a character) and even a fair amount of fan art and fan fiction.
03 Wun-Dar by Gerald Parel
In 2010, Mattel released a modern version in the Masters of the Universe Classics collection.  They gave him the official name of Wun-Dar, in tribute to his Wonder Bread roots.  As a subscriber exclusive, that rationed him out to “one per hard-core collector”, keeping his status must like his vintage predecessor as “rabidly sought after.”  Even this modern version is fetching as much as $250+ on Ebay.
04 Wun-Dar MOTUC
And that brings us to the the reason why we’re here today.  As with all my previous “Customs on a Budget”, I’m not dishing out over $200 for a figure.  Especially when his 80% body-double, Mo-Larr, can be bought for around $10 to $15 on Ebay.

I made a few changes to my version.  I used Dekker’s forearms to give him matching gauntlets rather than mirror He-Man’s mismatched ones.  Also, instead of using a MOTUC He-man head, I ordered the “Conan” head from Mat O’Toole.  It’s longer hair and gaunt face gave him the look of He-Man’s ancestor rather than his fraternal twin.

05 Wun-Dar front

06 Wun-Dar left

07 Wun-Dar back

08 Wun-Dar right

09 Wun-Dar above

10 Wun-Dar faceoff

Tri-Klops is another MOTUC figure that is going for $100 to $150+ on Ebay, making him another candidate for an “On a Budget” custom figure!
01 Tri-Klops main
Like Wun-Dar, Tri-Klops is also a Mo-Larr body double.  I ordered the cast head and torso armor from Karak Nul’s Customs.  I swapped out his gloved forearms with a second pair of Dekker forearms to match Tri-Klop’s gauntlets.
02 Tri-Klops WIP
As usual, I made a few changes on my version.  Instead of a flat green, I decided to go with metallic green on his armor.  I also used a peridot green for the accents on his armor, to give it a little more dimension.  I never liked the sherbet orange accessories, so I painted his gauntlets, belt and chest strap in copper instead. For reference, here’s the vintage figure, along with the modern figure.

01 Tri-Klops originals

I also added rhinestones to two of his eyes.  I almost added one to the red one, but I liked it more with just a big, black pupil.
03 Tri-Eyes
I also painted his sword in two-tone metallic green/peridot green.  You might notice I changed the handles on the sais on his back.  I would have preferred to leave them as they were, but I got a little rough and snapped the handles off by accident.  I replaced them with some little syringe tip covers. (Yay diabetic supplies!) 

04 Tri-Klops front

05 Tri-Klops left

06 Tri-Klops back

07 Tri-Klops right

08 Tri-Klops & the boys

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One response to “Customs on a Budget: Wun-Dar and Tri-Klops out of two Mo-Larrs

  1. Remove this photo of the custom Wun-Dar He-Man as this photo belongs to me. You do not have my permission to use it.

    I always stated that my Wun-Dar figure was a custom and never advertised it as “Wonder Bread” so I was NOT LYING!

    And I think you’ll find that all my customers were very happy with my work. Now remove the photo.

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