For Neil: A Fantastic Four

Earlier in the year, Neil asked for a 12-pack of custom figures of the Legion of Superheroes.  We muddled through Invisible Kid II, Element Lad, and Duo Damsel, and then hunkered down to get another batch done.


Mon-El was thought to be the long-lost brother of Superboy (discovered on a Monday- MON day, get it?) because he had the same powers.  This figure was a different kind of process for me because he was built from the parts of four different figures pieced together.

Shadow Lass

Shadow Lass had the ability to make … shadows.  Aren’t these characters great?  There’s no room for irony in the Legion of Superheroes.  “Who’s that young lady in all black, moping in the corner?  What does she do, make things more bright and fluffy?”  True story: Mon-El took Shadow Lass to the Legion of Superheroes prom.

Dream Girl

My daughter:    “What does Dream Girl do?”

Me:                   “She has dreams that predict the future.”

My daughter:    “… so that’s Dream Girl.”

Sensor Girl

Sensor Girl was a mysterious masked character that kept her identity and powers hidden from the other members.  I had a lot of fun sculpting her hair with a knife.  Unfortunately, between the weight of the hair and the resin head, she’s a little top heavy, so I had to freeze her ankle joints.

This now brings Neil set up to 7 heroes and 1 villain.  On my list I still see 6 more figures to go, so somehow a 12-pack became a 14-pack.  I don’t know how that quite happened- math is hard.

See you around Christmas.

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  1. Rod Keith

    Excellent work as always 🙂

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