ATOMIC TWO-ON-ONE: A Blok for all seasons

I’ve been blessed to have very enthusiastic patrons who are die-hard fans of the Legion of Superheroes.  I written before about making an entire set of the Legion based on their 1970s appearances and a growing collection for Neil.  Today, we focus on two looks for one character: Blok.


Blok is an alien dude from a planet of alien rock dudes.  In a novel twist, Blok was not the smartest… blok and was talked into joining a bunch of bad alien dudes who wanted to punch out the Legion.  Over time, Blok got his blok on right and joined our band of heroes.

Over time, artists came up with a variety of looks for Blok, his blok-y appearance became less detailed and more …blok-y (he loses his nose but doesn’t seem stuffy afterwards)? His wardrobe started very spartan and transitioned to more clothing over time as he enjoyed a variety of … romper pants? 1976810-blokI don’t think I had ever seen this costume before in a comic story, but this early look is Martin’s favourite and so that was that.  I found this image and one color reference in  two-page spread of character designs.  Another aspect of the character I wasn’t clear on was his size relative to the more humanoid Legionnaires.  We settled on having Blok slightly larger than everyone else.



Neil wanted a later version of Blok (aka Romper Pants Blok), designed by Steve Lightle.  At this point, the character was more consistently drawn a bit taller than everyone else.  Neil asked for an oversized DCUC figure.


I think we were able to make both guys happy-


To keep Neil on schedule for his custom 12-pack of figures, I also finished Lightning Lass- twin sister of Lightning Lad.


Also- The White Witch with spell-casting hands or throat-punch super power!


Making these was a ton of fun.  Just two more left to go!

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One response to “ATOMIC TWO-ON-ONE: A Blok for all seasons

  1. Rod Keith

    Deane-o! independent of your write-up, I just started work on Blok and had come to the conclusion that, to do this right, I needed to make two– one smaller, based off the FF movie Thing, and a second larger one using Lead. Did a quick Googling to see what other folks had done, and lo and behold, I see you’ve already blazed this trail! Serendipidity :^)

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