Dr. Amwerth and the Quantas

I’ve told you about the Elgim and alluded to how Dr. Amwerth was involved with them. Everyone has wondered how Sam maintained Bop City’s record of safety, the perfect weather, even the seemingly impossible activities within the park. The answer is an interplay of Amwerth’s quantum research and the abilities and technology of the Elgim. While Amwerth had been quite successful with Quantum, the Elgim controlled and manipulated matter and energy with greater precision because for them it was organic and innate. The five represented the five ways their race manifested these abilities:
Lyno, the guitarist who assumed the Terran name Teddy Bulloch, possessed photo-manipulative powers.
Atomo, bassist Cal Moor, controlled the physical world: strength, endurance, resilience, speed, etc.
Xemo, guitarist Zachary Strother, manipulated the environment: temperature, the elements, gravity, pressure, magnetism, etc. Spiro, keyboardist Abe Hanks, was a telepsychic. Bongo, drummer Woody Thomas, manipulated soundwaves.

Elgim as band Because of the Elgims’ prominence in and around Memphis, Amwerth had an abundance of their genetic material with which to work. But the doctor did not work exclusively in combinations of the Elgims’ DNA. Instead, he had a nearly unlimited palette because Sam had requested a way to present the most authentic recreations possible of music’s greatest artists and performers. Amwerth drew on the genetic databank he (and, inadvertently, Sam) had collected to create the quanta-rockers, super-powered rock-and-rollers who provided security for the park as well as the most eerily accurate impersonations imaginable.
After only two seasons, Sam called his quanta rockers together to announce they no longer needed to worry about providing security. There were no loss-prevention issues, no health or safety concerns. The Elgim themselves (and later a handful of quantas like the Dude and the Bard) monitored and rectified all dangerous situations: no cars went out of control, no one stole, no one ran a traffic light. No one was hurt or died of preventable causes within Bop. It rained daily for 45 minutes; a minor inconvenience, and in the middle of the night. It provided a brief celebration for some.
Relieved of the security concerns, the quantas were repurposed. Sam conceived the Fight SeenTM: quantas would stage battles among themselves or with the new quanta-villains he charged Amwerth to create. It was an immediate hit with crowds, as they responded to the conflict the Park had removed.
An unintended consequence of this new direction was the rise of meta-villains Sam had not commissioned. None was foolish enough to attack Bop City, where it was understood that kind of random activity would not be permitted, but it did force Sam to turn his attention beyond the Park. He instructed Amwerth to create quantas specifically to address these threats, which led to another, much more dire development.
The doctor began creating ‘extra-Park’ quantas, beginning with the 4th Power, the Rebels, and the Answer. Basing them in London, they appeared to be beyond Sam’s influence. Luckily, the Mystery Tramp had been created the previous year and had been providing all quantas, both new and pre-existing, with the story of Amwerth’s larger plans. This had led to three camps of quantas: those loyal to Sam and willing to defy Amwerth; those who followed Amwerth and the direction he provided, including those farmed out beyond Bop, to the government and elsewhere; and a group who became increasingly independent, many of whom joined Billy Blue in a loose affiliation that would be quite important on the day of the Great Change.

Billy Blue

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