Ginger Wind

A man like Sam is sure to attract his share of enemies over a lifetime. Whether through action or inaction, chance or design, anyone as successful as Sam has been will amass a string of business rivals, broken hearts, intellectual opponents, and failed friendships to match the successes. Sam is of course no exception, but his nemeses tend to be more visible, more public. The best-known of these is surely Ginger Wind.

Ginger Wind lalla salma 2

Whatever her real name, if she ever was given one, it is lost to time. Ginger was born and raised in a north African brothel where she entered the workforce at the age of eight. She was traded and shipped throughout a system of such houses for years before she caught the eye of a warlord who seized her as his own. He added her to his harem, where she began to build the plan her life would follow. Over the next four years she rallied her colleagues and enticed the men in the chieftain’s circle to overthrow him. She had promised many of the men she would help them usurp the warlord; when the day came, she and the harem slew all the men and she became the warchief. With the late chieftain’s fortune she founded a community northeast of Dubai and began building a hedonist paradise. She has kept this rogue nation alive by providing pleasures found nowhere else on earth.


Despite almost untold wealth and a palette of entertainment Sam would never touch, Ginger Wind still envied Sam the technology and success he enjoyed. She saw the two of them as both siblings and ideally-matched lovers, a personal and professional partnership that would be unstoppable. Their interactions were never pleasant, and went from barely polite to unbearable in their short tenure. To give some idea, here is an excerpt from their first meeting in 1982:

Sam: Miss Wind, welcome to Bop City.

Wind: Please call me Lazula. I don’t believe in formality between the sexes.

Sam: I see. Well…Lazula, I understood your name was Ginger Wind.

Wind: I have no name. What I choose to call myself is my business, and Lazula serves my purpose. In my language, it means ‘enchanting one.’

Sam: What language would that be, Lazula?

Wind: I told you. My language.

Sam: Ah. So, what brings you to our Park?

Wind: You’re aware of the Pleasuredome, my park in Caigeastan.


Sam: Certainly. I wish you the best. Any such facilities raise the bar for all of us.

Wind: Well, I want to raise the bar with you, certainly. We are very similar, you and I. Orphans made to survive on our own at an early age, overcoming the trials and tragedies of an uncaring world, thriving and prospering in fields that might have rejected us. I believe we have much to offer each other, and would like to see us working closely together.

Sam: I’m not in the market for a partner, Miss Wind.

Wind: I told you, it’s Lazula, and I have much more than a partnership in mind.


Sam: As that may be…Miss Wind, the future of Bop City has always been under my exclusive control and that is a situation I have no desire to change. I appreciate your interest in our conjoined fortunes, but—

Wind: Obstinate man! Are you too blind to see what I am offering? Not just the opportunity to marry our fortunes for our mutual benefit, but privileges you have apparently never shared, privileges men around the world have killed and died to taste.

Sam: I believe we’re done here, Miss Wind. <to intercom> Angel, will you show Miss Wind out?

Wind: I know the way out. I know many ways.

The Pleasuredome would open in Caigeastan in 1984. Sam never saw it, and Ginger never spoke directly to Sam again. He knew there was nothing in her plans that interested him, and any activities she pursued involving Sam did not include his cooperation. While the Pleasuredome was and is a success, Ginger Wind has never given up trying to incorporate, or, failing that, subvert Bop City. She was Sam’s greatest enemy, and he never understood why.

The truth, when it was revealed, was simple to understand, and would have broken Sam’s heart.

Ginger Wind lalla salma

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