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For Neil: The Time Trapper

In corresponding with Neil, he decided to make his “Dream Legion of Superheroes 12 pack” a baker’s dozen.

Who was the lucky 13?  The Legion’s arch-nemesis: The Time Trapper.


The Time Trapper was creepy; No one knew who he/she was, or really anything about his/her motivation.  The Time Trapper lived at the end of time and was particularly not fond of the Legion of Superheroes.


The Time Trapper was fun to make, especially the full robes.  His hood presented an interesting artistic challenge, as he is most usually drawn to have no face.  My idea was to capture his hidden face with a featureless head that would set back into the shadow of the hood.  I think it all worked out nicely.


Enjoy your summer and a good stack of old comics.  We’ll ship these figures out to Neil and out to work on the next batch in a month or so.



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