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Dark Quantas

One of Sam’s bigger surprises came when he found how few villains he needed to create for the Fight Seenstm. He had imagined  a necessity for dozens, even hundreds of foes for the quantas, but learned almost from the beginning that many performers couldn’t wait for their quantaparts to square off against a rival, resolving conflicts both real and fabricated the performers themselves could never see come to a conclusion otherwise. Sam had anticipated the collaborative nature of the performers leading to endless groupings, from duets and small combos for one-off projects to much larger and longer-lasting congregations. He did not foresee the jealousies and rivalries that also arose, mostly eliminating the need for creating true villains out of whole cloth.

This result was also healthier for guests because Fight Seens seldom have a violent resolution, more frequently turning at some point into cooperation between the combatants to quell a common threat. This allows fans of both sides of the battle to enjoy their favorites in action without fearing the outcome  and still being able to praise their heroism. Even some of Bop’s highest-profile celebrities have opted for a darker turn on their quantaparts; from Grease Monkey and the Wild One in rock’s golden age through the Hot Rod Gang, the Rough Boys, Mr. Wicked, Lord Velvet, the Deviant, the Heroes of Horror, the Visigoth, Last Chance, Loge, Dr. Robert and the Model Citizens, the Jackpots, Dreadlok, Radio Pirate and the Freebooters, and Broken Promises, Sam was astonished at the number and variety of artists who asked for their quantaparts to be given a sinister turn. The phenomenon endures, and appears to be unconnected to the nature of the original. Even the brightest, rosiest pop star may opt to have her quantapart turned dark.

ceremony rev

Some originals have had it both ways. While all Jesse’s quantas have maintained their original’s  essential personality, some performers who have had more than one quantapart created have asked that different aspects of their personalities be emphasized. The most famous example is probably Bryan White-Duke’s multiple quantas; while his first quanta, the re-imagined Image, was a traditional hero, later quantaparts such as Space Driver and Savaj exhibited less wholesome qualities. Other performers with multiple quantas bear discussion another time.

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