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Count-down to Christmas Day 2: Happy Holidays Polar Boy!

Martin has been a dear patron for years, having ordered a set of the complete Grell/Cockrum Legion of Super Heroes.  When some space opened in my schedule and he asked for some more recent members, how could I refuse?


Invisibile Kid II- The second Legionnaire to turn invisible.  Somehow fandom forgot to riot when Kid II arrived and had dark skin.


Sensor Girl- a mysterious member who had total control over the senses (whatever that meant?).  At the time, some members were sad that she was actually the recently-deceased Supergirl.  I’d be sad too if Supergirl was dead (Supergirl got better).


The White Witch- A real, spell-casting witch that is also albino? very white? limited color palette?  This was the first time I had made the character and I had a lot of fun.  Clay is to heavy for robes and long hair, so I used a good deal of sheet styrene for the figure.  Her skin is a very pale shade of pink to provide some contrast.


Polar Boy-  In the You-can’t-make-this-up Department, there were some superheroes WHO WEREN’T HERO-Y ENOUGH TO JOIN the Legion.  Undaunted, Polar Boy formed THE LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE HEROES.  These less-than-stellar applicants first formed in 1963 and continued to make appearances for forty years.  Eventually, Polar Boy joined the big leagues.  I love the Substitute Heroes.  Someone needs to give me a wagon of money to build all of them.


I had a great time making these.  There’s actually a fifth member Martin requested, but he’s so special he merits his own post in January.


Thank you again for all of the years of your support, Martin.  I hope you enjoy them!

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