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For Neil: Duo Damsel (and friend)

ME:   “I’m working on a new little man for a client.”

HER: “Haven’t you already made one that was orange and purple?”

ME: “… and that’s why I love you.”

HER: “I know.”


In the 30th Century, Super Hero-ing is a full-time job and it turns out the people you super hero with are also the people you fall in love with.


Duo Damsel, who could split herself into twins, fell in love with Bouncing Boy, who could… bounce.  I think some people might not have seen the chemistry, but the happy couple (trio) didn’t care.  Super Heroes get married.


As much as I can do, I don’t really paint with a brush. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.  Neil, wisely, contacted my dear friend Rod, who is brilliant with a brush and produced a wonderful Bouncing Boy, which he debuted at Fwoosh.com:


 Rod does wonderful work and it really shows here!

We have a 3-pack of Legionnaires to ship off to Neil for his enjoyment.  We hope he likes them as much as we do.  We’ll take a brief break to enjoy Spring before for the next installment of our Dream 12 Pack.






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For Neil: Element Lad

I feel for fans of the Legion of Superheroes: Thirty some-odd super heroes that come from the 30th Century and are best friends of Superboy, with at least 4+ different versions of stories.  So much so that you have to qualify what kind of Legion fan you are: “I like the Cockrum-era Legion”, “Oh, I like the Giffen Levitz Legion…”.  Oy…

MATTEL put out a special boxed set of 12 Legionnaires.  Well, Superboy and 11 other Legionnaires:


Then, they offered a 13th figure on the internet:


So, for Legion fans (ahem- Giffen/Levitz Legion fans) you only need like 20 more figures:Image

So, Neil asked for a lucky 14th member: Element Lad


That white thing on his chest is the letter “E” in the 30th century, doncha know.  We were very happy to oblige Neil his 14th Legionnaire:


Looking at the team picture, I think I could bang out another 12-pack.

What do you think?


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New Batman Animated action figures? Beware of Poison Ivy!

DC Entertainment just announced new product lines for long-time fans: figures based of the hit Nineties animated shows: Batman The Animated Series and Batman: The New Adventures. The figures will be 6″ in scale and retail at comic book stores for at least $25.

Fans were shown preview images of the Catwoman and later New Adventures Batman and everyone went wild…

…well, mostly everyone.

This is not the first time we’ve seen figures based on these properties: in the Ninties, KENNER made 3″ figures as well. They were pretty amazing- almost all of the figures from the Batman Animated Series had a figure, and I think they ran for under 10 bucks. Several years later, when the New Adventures featured all-new character designs, KENNER did a good deal of toys based on that show as well, but the demand had died off (or the moms were scared off, as the re-designs were singularly …darker in tone). Many classic characters were not made in the sleek design, including one of my favorites: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy started out as a bottanist who developed plant-based weapons to strike out against the killers of plant life: Mankind. Then, in the re-designed series, Poison Ivy … did… something to herself.

I love the re-design of her look: the black and dark reds and greens. I found a Ivy head available on the net and used a JLU female figure as the body.

My favorite New Adventures episode, you ask? HOLIDAY KNIGHTS, where Ivy and gal pal Harley Quinn use mind control lipstick to take Bruce Wayne’s bank accounts for a holiday shopping spree.

SO, my word of caution to you new enthusiasts of the animated figures: at $25 a pop, you are either flat broke if they make every figure KENNER made, or you’re peeved because they skipped out on Ivy.

I’ll stick with what I got.





Ready to spend the greenbacks recreating your Gotham?  Keeping the Kenner love?  Discuss here.



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