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The Long Goodbye Pt 1: Neil

Hey! It’s 2016 and it’s time to get off the couch, shake off all the Cheesy-Poof dust, and finish stuff up.  I have a list of things promised or asked for and 2016 seems like the Year of Wrapping This Up.


Neil asked for a 12 pack of custom Legion of Superhero figures to compliment the 12 pack he sold a child for/ purchased on line.  As memory serves, we had two last figures to make for his collection.


Phantom Girl

Phantom Girl has the power to be a phantom.  Writing sentences like that makes me simultaneously long for the comics of the mid Fifties and go watch Negasonic Teenage Warhead again.



In the 30th Century, there is a whole planet of Native American Indians who have wings.  But not on Earth, sooooo… they’re not really “Native Americans”.  See also: that wing thing.

This is the second time I’ve designed this figure and it’s always a hoot to wonder how many strip cubs the original artist went to in dreaming up these costumes.  For the record: fringe is fun to make, complex skin tones aren’t.



The Legion of Superheroes was a goofy-fun idea (a group of super-powered friends for Superboy to go hang out with) that lasted from 1958 ’til 1994.  It has since been restarted in a variety of comics, animated shows, and a few TV appearances, with mixed success.

I hope Neil enjoys the heck out of these, because I think I’m only taking one last trip to the 30th century clubhouse.

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Count-down to Christmas Day 10: Kneel before Zod!

Most DC and MARVEL comic book superheroes are white.

Things are changing, a bit.  DC COMICS, for example, has created an “alternate universe” comic EARTH 2, where Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman died in a cosmic battle.  The story begins in that aftermath as a new generation of heroes is started.  Lo and behold, Superman wasn’t the only Kryptonian to rocket to our planet.  Val Zod, a dark skinned Kryptonian, becomes the new Man of Steel (the name implies the evil Kryptonian General Zod from SUPERMAN II).


I was unfamiliar with the comic when Lee asked me to make this for him, but I love this image.  Superman’s costume looks metallic and unique.


To capture the feel of the comic, I used a metallic blue for his super suit and metal foil for his chest symbol.  I really like the contrast of the white.

DC COMICS has released a toy line of EARTH 2 characters.  To date, Val Zod hasn’t been made.  I hope that changes soon.

Are there good examples superheroes of color?  My favorite was John Stewart, USMC (ret) Green Lantern of Earth, as written by the amazingly-talented Dwayne McDuffy for the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon.

Countdown Day 11 is here.

Countdown Day 12 is here.


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“Where’s the party… I brought the punch!” Fisto on a budget. (MOTUC)

00 Fisto

Fisto is yet another of the Masters of the Universe Classics collection that took a leap in price before I could get one.  Right now, Fisto is fetching $100 to $150 on Ebay, and climbing.  Rather than pay scalper rates to complete my collection, I decided to make my own.
02 Fistos01 actual Fisto
The photo with the red background features vintage Fisto, MOTUC Fisto, and 200X Fisto.  I was leaning towards the 200X style rather than the vintage look because I liked the headgear and belt.  The photo with the white background is the most accurate look I was aiming for.

Fisto’s body double is the evil Jitsu, who luckily isn’t suffering from high price syndrome at around $30 to $40.  A quick search on Ebay turned up a few Jitsus for sale, but I hit the jackpot when I found a seller with a bunch of factory errors, all stained with dark blue ink.  They were $20 each, so I bought one.
03 stained Jitsu
Next, I needed to buy all the parts I needed to create him.  I went to Karak Nul’s Custom Figures and bought his head; 200X style($5), belt; 200X style($5), fist($5), and armor($10).  The total cost for this custom figure came to roughly $45, plus a little for shipping.  That’s less than half the price of his current market value.  I still need to order his swords… but hey.  He has a big fist!  The swords can wait.

The body arrived in the mail first, so I painted him in Fisto’s traditional colors.  A black wash on the boots made their tone much darker, and by the time the parts arrived, I had decided to make the whole project a shade darker.
04 Fisto WIP
I used dark silver for all the metal, with light brushes of regular silver to add highlights.  I used metallic purple on the armor, and flat purple on what was supposed to be leather.  For the 200X style belt, I decided to paint it in vintage purples.  He had some cool little things on his belt, including a small pouch, a flask, and what appears to be a book held on by brackets.  I gave all the metal a black wash, and sprayed each part with flat clearcoat before I assembled him.

05 Fisto front

06 Fisto left

07 Fisto back

08 Fisto right

09 Fist raised

10 close up

Fisto with his body double Jitsu

11 After & before

Fisto’s brother Man-at-Arms, and Man-at-Arms’s adopted daughter Teela, who was going to be revealed as Fisto’s biological daughter if the most recent cartoon had continued into a third season.  Baby-daddy-drama-rama!!

12 Family

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