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Aquaman in an Octopus’ Garden

When my Brother Orm’s Maraudin

I have to fight most ev’ry night
When my brother Orm’s maraudin’, undersea
He wears a hood, don’t look too good,
Like his face a crab is gnawin’, you see
He wears a cape, but it looks good on him (!)
And you know it helps when he has to swim
That bastard Orm, Ocean Master born,
At Atlantis’ gates he’s pawin’, undersea

He’d like to bring me down as king
And be Atlantis’ dauphin, you see
But I have Garth, and Mera’s heart
And Vulko and Tula all with me
As long as Storm and Tusky stay
I’ll keep my brother Orm at bay
His purple suit sure does look cute
When my brother Orm’s maraudin’, undersea
When the Ocean Master’s feudin’, with me
A case of crabs on him is fallin’, from me.


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