You must WIP it

No way. Everybody knows I just talk about stuff and never actually do it. Well, I started a couple, and one is so easy I’ll be embarrassed not to finish it.  


A Dark Knight Joker hood body, stupid John Cena head, and a hat from…well, I don’t even want to say, but ol’ Jervis comes together pretty quick. I’ll paint him, fix that face a little, and adjust the tag.

What else? How about a little Showcase action?



Found this diver–actually, three of them–the same place I found a blonde a few months ago. They are perfectly in scale to DCUC and were begging to become Sea Devils. I heated up a couple of them to repose so they won’t be identical. One of them will get his arms sliced off and repositioned to hold–I don’t know, a camera? I don’t really want to use a speargun. And who is that in the background?

tawny 2 tawny

Why, it’s a member of the Marvel Family even less likely to happen than Shazam himself. Tawky here is going to have his head, paws, and tail removed and placed on a suit body that I am pretty sure will be the perfect size. He’ll also get a brighter, more cartoony orange color and funnier face–bigger eyes.

And I forgot something while we were under the sea with the Devils:


This cheap, ridiculous tail gets a nice green paint job, then added to the lower half of Mary Marvel (as I told fellow Wanderer Deane, I’ll find a use for one of those chipmunk-cheeked horrors.) Mary even has a skirt already, so Lori Lemaris will be fully Silver Aged.

And where did that hat come from in the first picture?


This will take the most reworking. I thought at first he might work for Klarion, but no. I think this will be Toyman III, the animation-inspired living doll type. I’m not a huge fan of that character; there was nothing wrong with Winslow Schott, but I hate to see this go to waste and there isn’t a whole lot else it suggests to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little peek into some forgotten corners of a defunct universe.   

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