Pretty in Pink: The Star Sapphire Corps

Star Sapphires

At the very least, I expect you to have heard of Green Lantern.  If you haven’t been paying attention to the Green Lantern comics or cartoon for the past decade or so, there are Lantern Corps representing every color of the ROYGBIV spectrum.  The “violets” are called the Star Sapphire Corps.  Where the Green Lantern Corps’s green energy is fueled by willpower, the Star Sapphires harness the power of love.  If you think this is sounding a little too fluffy and sweet, like any other color in the “emotional spectrum”, their nature can sway a little too far into the dark side.  Their power animal isn’t named “The Predator” for nothing.

Between DC Direct and Mattel, collectors have gathered a pretty good display of figures for each Lantern Corps.  In all honesty, out of them all, the Star Sapphires have been the most poorly represented. Not only are their numbers few, but they’ve been painted in way too wide a range of shades.  They span from pink, to magenta, to downright purple.  I’ve spent longer than I’d like to admit trolling the arts & crafts departments looking for the perfect shade of violet/pink (preferably metallic) to bring consistency to this faction.  At Hobby Lobby, I finally found metallic rose pink!  And that’s how this project began…

Carol Ferris

Carol Ferris 00
Carol’s current costume hasn’t been made into a figure yet.  I used a Donna Troy figure along with the head of the previous Star Sapphire/Carol figure.  I sculpted her tiara, mask pointy things and kneepads, and the rest was all paint.

Carol Ferris 01Carol Ferris 02 Carol Ferris 03 Carol Ferris 04 Carol Ferris 06 Carol Ferris 05 Carol Ferris 07


Fatality 00
Fatality’s current costume also hasn’t been made into a figure yet.  It’s a sportier jumpsuit type thing that doesn’t look anything like what the other Star Sapphires are wearing.  I found a WWE figure, Tamina Snuka, who bore a striking similarity to Fatality, including her outfit.  I sculpted her tiara (with a little help from a Catra mask) with a couple of strands of hair overlapping, a thigh belt, and some details on her boots and gloves.  I glued on rhinestones to create her loose-fitting belt.  She often uses her ring’s energy to create a spear to fight with, so I painted one white and brushed on some neon pink to make it look like it’s glowing.

Fatality 01 Fatality 02 Fatality 03 Fatality 05 Fatality 06 Fatality 07 Fatality 04


Miri 00
The youngest and least experienced of the Star Sapphires, Miri wears a retro sci-fi outfit.  I used a DC Direct classic Wonder Girl figure.  Her wide-eyed expression and vintage style really contributed to giving this figure the look I wanted.  I used a Dremel to grind almost all her hair off, and then sculpted some flip into it.  The combination of her hair and her popped collar took me a whole night to get it just right.  As you can see from my earlier photos, I had originally  tried just painting on her mask, but it looked too… painted on.  I took a few steps back and sanded off some of the figure’s indented collar lines and added some sculpted contour to her mask.

Miri 01 Miri 02 Miri 03 Miri 04 Miri 05 Miri 06 Miri 07

Lizard girl
This isn’t an actual character, but I wanted to add to the Star Sapphire’s numbers. I took a DC Direct Star Sapphire figure and covered the skin with a layer of Milliput.  I stamped and carved in some scale detailing. I swapped out her hands for some claws.  Her head was one of the spares that came with the Masters of the Universe Royal Guard 2-pack.  I ground it down a bit in size and added to the top of the head, as well as a tiara. <em> (Can anyone guess where her tail came from?  If not, you’ll see next Friday!)</em>

 lizard 01 lizard 02 Lizard 03 Lizard 04 Lizard 05 Lizard 06 Lizard 07 Lizard 08

Grey girl
Like the previous figure, this isn’t an actual character, just an alien army builder.  This one is just a straight repaint of the DC Direct Star Sapphire figure, with no sculpting added.

Grey Girl 01 Grey Girl 02 Grey Girl 03 Grey Girl 04 Grey Girl 05

I have one more Star Sapphire in progress; a Cat girl.  I didn’t have her ready in time, and I didn’t want to skip another weekly blog.  I’ll post her later with an upcoming feature.

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