On The Record at VinylFest


Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

“Louisville is the next Seattle.”

Well, guess what? I say Louisville is Louisville.

That’s why the first ever On The Record panel is devoted to this city, and a few of the biggest reasons it was what it was, is what it is, and will be what it will be.

The guests:

My dear friend Mike Bucayu, once and now again head of the revived Self Destruct Records (a label) and owner of the defunct Blue Moon Records (a store) where I got my name. Literally.

Heather Fox, the historian in charge of the Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA).

Sean Liter, owner of the hippest shop in town, Modern Cult.

Ed Lutz, who was the man responsible for the label Three Little Girls and Ground Zero.

Dave Rucinski, the somewhat mysterious man behind Gubbey Records.

The owner of ear-x-tacy, the store that was synonymous with Louisville music for decades, still Keeping Louisville Weird on WFPK, John Timmons.

And the survivor, the one who saw so many come and go, who rope-a-doped like Ali, who still casts a shadow long and tall from two Better Days Records locations, Mister Ben Jones.

The panel is at 2:30, August 3oth, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is a part of VinylFest. One day tickets are 15 bucks, advance vouchers to get a 10 dollar ticket are available at Better Days, Modern Cult, and with Matt Anthony.

You can contact me at RockoJerome@Gmail.com or on facebook.

Image up top by none other than fellow Wanderer Joe Berenato.

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