The Cruz Crusade

For those of us who are healthy and grew up that way, it’s very easy to forget just how fortunate we are. Summer as a kid meant long days at play, and worries few enough to be non-existent. Even school wasn’t so taxing, not when placed in any sense of perspective.

That’s why it’s so humbling to consider cases like young Cruz Colvin.


From the Facebook site dedicated to his cause, authored by his family:

This journey began when Cruz experienced an uncontrollable nose bleed on December 19, 2013. He began losing consciousness and was taken via EMS to Kosair Brownsboro. Within a few hours we were told that his blood counts, especially his hemoglobin and platelets, were much lower than what they should have been for a nose bleed. He was transferred that afternoon to Kosair downtown for further treatment and testing. When we entered 7W I immediately thought they had brought us to the wrong floor. This was the pediatric cancer unit; Cruz had a nose bleed! Over the next three days Cruz received 3 transfusions; 2 hemoglobin and 1 platelet. Cruz also tested positive for influenza A and therefore many of the “tests” had to be postponed until the “virus” ran it’s course. Fast forward through weeks of “purgatory”… Cruz had a bone marrow biopsy confirming a rare and serious blood disease – Aplastic Anemia. It has been with the support of our family, church community, and friends that we have walked through each day with faith, hope and courage. We could not imagine going through this without you all.

As part of my job at Lucky’s Market, I had the distinct honor of representing the store as we presented a check for enough money to cover the family’s travel expenses out of state for treatment, but the road before them is long.

Please do what you can to help.

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