Human League vs. Justice League

You always loved the Justice League and Teen Titans too

Since ‘62

But Flashpoint came, and Didio’s lame-brained cohorts ran wild

Puked up the New 52


It’s three years later on, the DCU still is gone

We’re stuck now with the New 52

But don’t forget, the real Original Universe

Could come back and replace this spew


Don’t, don’t buy DC

You know it isn’t worth it

When you see how they’ve wrecked Wally

Don’t, don’t buy DC

You’d be much better off to

Read an old Superman Family


They threw it all away

There’s nothing more to say

They need to change it back or never make more money

Don’t buy DC, fanboys

Don’t buy DC, no-o-o

Don’t buy DC, nerd girls

Money down a ho-o-o-ole


Then Dan sings:

I was working as an editor for DCE

That much is true

But then I thought we could compete with Marvel for sure

By launching the New 52


The three years we have tried it haven’t brought good sales

It’s falling through

But this was my idea, I can’t admit I was wrong

No matter what I do I’m screwed


Please, please buy DC

You know that I’ll get fired

When they see last summer’s spreadsheet

Please, please buy DC

We’ve added sex and blood and

Hey! Rob Liefeld! That’s the Big 3!

It’s much too late to change

The DCU we rearranged

We cannot change it back or we will look like morons

Please buy DC, people

Please buy DC, anyone

Please buy DC, help me

Buy DC, I’m under the gun

(There’s more, but it’s basically just Didio being pathetic)


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