For Seth: “I AM IRON MAN”

Cancer sucks. No other way about it, at this point, who among us hasn’t been affected to some degree of relatedness by cancer? Family. Friends. And Seth. Seth is a super human guy. Devoted family man. Talented musician. Superb in his fields of expertise at the office. So, of course, up comes cancer. In his usual way, Seth took some pretty heavy news and turned it on it’s ear. His Facebook posts were noted with a graphic of “radical acceptance” because, he reasoned, there was no way to reason through cancer, the surgeon consults, the clinical trial options, the conflicting physician opinions. And Iron Man. The deal was that Seth was volunteering to go some pretty sci-fi treatments to beat cancer, along with some pretty heavy duty surgeries. Hence, updates were accompanied by images of Iron Man- the movies, the comics, some silly cartoons. His fabulous wife often bearing a striking resemblance to Pepper Potts. photo 1 I found a model kit from the IRON MAN 2 film and couldn’t resist.  Additionally, I made some sandwich board posters that reflected on his experiences.  Part of his recovery process included a Red Sox game.  Seth being Seth, had never been and got on the web to research the Red Sox.  I like that, especially.


photo 2


photo 3

Seth, you’ve got this pal.  And when you don’t, your friends and family got you.  Whatever it takes.  Dig deep and smile.


photo 4


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