It’s Hard ‘Round Here

Hard ‘Round Here for an Imp

You know it’s hard ‘round here for an imp (5th dimension)
When he’s playing tricks to make ol’ Big Blue limp (causin tension)
Head of a bear or the brain of a chimp (my invention)
Blow him up like a Kryptonian blimp (waist extension)

ImageYou know it’s hard ‘round here for an imp (5th dimension)
He thinks I’m nothing cause I look like a shrimp (small dimensions)
Pull out the stops cause I don’t like to scrimp (my intention)
And Supes’ style don’t you know I will crimp (like extensions)

In my time I have done some crazy things to the guy
Ev’ry one in the city except him now could fly
Or I told ev’ry one of his friends he’s Clark Kent
Or made him bald or thin or old, stole his suit and made him cold

ImageDone seen Kandor shrunk, done seen Krypton blow
Done seen 40 cakes in Luthor’s GTO
It’s bizarre where I live, 5th dimension yo
It might be cool to you, but I just don’t wanna go

It’s a whole lot more fun getting in Supes’ hair
Drive him nuts here on earth ‘stead of goin back there
I’m tryin to have fun but it’s hard for an imp
But I’m tricky and it’s always on Supes that I rip, yeah

Man it seems like I’m duckin dodgin Blue Boy everyday
Supes is hatin on me cause I got magic tricks to play
But I gotta stay here, gotta stay on the planet
If I say my name backwards, all my fun I’d have to can it

Wait I partied with Bat-Mite, and that Qwsp dude too
Now they’re both on cable, not on Pay Per View
The Mite’s on Brave and Bold, keepin it chilly
An’ Qwsp is sellin cereal to fill yo belly

ImageYa know Zrff’s where I’m from, but I’m 3D bound
Where jokers like me like to paint the town
I wear a little purple bowler and this fine orange tunic
But I’m getting no play, make me feel like a eunuch

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