Custom Steranko Madame Hydra and Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine 2.0

Months ago, I created a Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine figure.

thecontessa-001I’ve liked having it on my shelf, but over time, its inaccuracies bugged me. Namely, the lack of a big ol’ beehive hairdo. Deane, as is often the case in many areas of life, nudged me towards a state closer to perfect with a few simple, direct words.

“Sculpey hair,” he said, “grab a wad, an exacto, a drink, and have patience. ” As usual, I took his advice. After an afternoon taking in all the wonders of Hobby Lobby, I found a packet of black Sculpey. Checking out, I impulse bought a Hershey’s bar as well. “I’ve got something delicious here to eat, and then I’ve also got a chocolate bar for later” I said to the pretty girl at the register.

My first project was a simple one: take the Hasbro Marvel Legends Madame Hydra…


And make her something closer to Steranko’s original vision of her:

Steranko Madame Hydra 1

In those days, Madame Hydra (Later known as Viper) had a bad eye and damaged face underneath that hair. It was a big part of the character, so much so that even at her moment of greatest triumph, she would rather smash a mirror than look into one.

Steranko Madame Hydra 2

So as a Steranko fan, I wanted mine to match the work I so admire as closely as possible. I cut out her little plastic eye for good measure, then began shaping the clay over it. It all went much faster than I thought it would, and I’m pleased with the result.

HailHydra 001

That was simple, though. The Contessa would be a bigger project. I considered carving the hell out of the one I already made, but decided to start fresh with an old Toy Biz Elektra.


Elektra has the right exotic face, and cutting off the skirt or whatever you call that, I knew I could really turn this into a nearly blank canvas. I’ve never been the biggest Elektra fan, so I didn’t mind too much going to work on a decade old impulse buy.

And so in short order, I created this:

Contessa2.0 004Contessa2.0 001contessaval

I even elected to give the holster and leopard print handled pistol from the previous custom Contessa to the new one instead.

Contessa2.0 009Contessa2.0 014

But what of my old custom? Well, I suppose now she could just be called Velvet…


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One response to “Custom Steranko Madame Hydra and Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine 2.0

  1. Deane Aikins

    I love this. Great work!

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