Works-in-Progress. To put it politely.

Okay, I’ve been really busy this week.  I’ve been stuck at work pretty much every night.  I haven’t touched a custom figure all week, and I honestly couldn’t come up with anything to write about.

As penance, I present to you all of my unfinished custom figure projects!  This is everything I’m currently working on.  Maybe I’m waiting on a part in the mail.  Maybe I’ve lost interest.  Maybe something went horribly wrong.  Without further ado…
A pair o’ docs!  Top priority is painting these two Doc Magnus figures.  One is a commission, and one is for me.  I just want them to match, so I’m doing them side by side.  I think I could finish them both in a couple of nights.  My work schedule finally lightens up Tuesday, so I’m planning to get these rolling then.

Have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I hate cloth on figures?  I really do.  And the Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures are no exception.  I’m sculpting a new skirt for Slave Leia.  Almost done!  I just need to, you know.  Finish.

Speaking of the Star Wars 6″ figures, I’m using them for my Jason of Star Command set!  Yeah, it’s going to happen.  I have all the parts lined up.  Maybe a DVD marathon will get it rolling…

I also have a straggler from the vintage style Star Wars figures.  Can’t have a Cantina without a bartender!  I’m going to sculpt Wuher some blocky robed legs like Obi-Wan, but thicker.

Granny Goodness #2… I’m 90% done with a second Granny Goodness figure.  I’ve been 90% done for a few months.  All I have left is to sculpt the hair, and a paint job.  I started this one to sell, going towards paying off a credit card.  (Ironically, the credit card will be totally paid off next month.)  I really need to finish this one.  Everybody needs a Granny!

Gwildor… Yeah.  I’m making Gwildor.  Honestly, I got stumped on the hair and the beard.  I want it to be wirey, but I also want it to blend in with the rest of the MOTUC collection.  I couldn’t find that happy medium, I got frustrated, and I tucked it away for a while.  Months later, I’m digging through a box and… yeah.  Totally forgot about it.

Gotta love those Cosmic Enforcers!  I’m working on a female, using a Shield Maiden Sherrilyn, and parts from a 200X Zodak.  She’s coming along nicely.

I’m soooo very close to finishing this Procrustus repaint.  I just got distracted.

White Lantern Kyle Rayner!  I gave him a nice coat of primer.  I’ll get around to finishing him eventually…

Red Lantern Rankorr!  The first of a set.  As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far.

Indigo!  This one, I actually finished.  It was more or less an army builder, and I kind of forgot about him.  It’s a DCUC Indigo Tribe Atom with the head of some WWE wrestling figure.

Rocket Red!  Hey, remember when I mentioned something going horribly wrong?  Well, I still prefer working with Sculpey.  The baking kind.  I’ve never had an oven mishap before.  I don’t know what was up with this figure, except that he was larger than the average WWE figure. Maybe he had more air in his torso.  Whatever the case, he inflated, popped, and melted.  Poor ol’ Dmitri.  One of these days I’ll take another crack at him, and finish my JLI shelf.

As for one that went a little less horribly wrong, here’s Scorpia.  She was looking GREAT.  Very happy with the sculpt and paint.  All I had left was her scorpion tail!  I had bought a brand new can of flat clear coat.  I sprayed her down and… frosted her.  Something was wrong with the can.  No matter how much I’d shake it up, it left a snowy white mist on everything.  I was going to have to totally repaint Scorpia.  Then I heard the real deal was going to ship in just a few months. So…

Now you’ve seen everything on my table right now.  (Well, there’s two more, but they’re surprises for later.)  Any input would be appreciated!

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