For Neil: Duo Damsel (and friend)

ME:   “I’m working on a new little man for a client.”

HER: “Haven’t you already made one that was orange and purple?”

ME: “… and that’s why I love you.”

HER: “I know.”


In the 30th Century, Super Hero-ing is a full-time job and it turns out the people you super hero with are also the people you fall in love with.


Duo Damsel, who could split herself into twins, fell in love with Bouncing Boy, who could… bounce.  I think some people might not have seen the chemistry, but the happy couple (trio) didn’t care.  Super Heroes get married.


As much as I can do, I don’t really paint with a brush. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.  Neil, wisely, contacted my dear friend Rod, who is brilliant with a brush and produced a wonderful Bouncing Boy, which he debuted at


 Rod does wonderful work and it really shows here!

We have a 3-pack of Legionnaires to ship off to Neil for his enjoyment.  We hope he likes them as much as we do.  We’ll take a brief break to enjoy Spring before for the next installment of our Dream 12 Pack.






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