Back To The Comics Season 1


When my friend Eli suggested that we record a podcast series and call it “Back To The Comics” after the byline I’ve been promoting for about a year now, I felt like I had been presented with a tremendous opportunity. Back To The Comics is a cause for me, all about bringing attention to and celebrating the source material of Hollywood’s biggest cash cow. We’re not trying to take anything away from anybody, we’re not really critics or scholars, just enthusiasts and devotees of sequential art. We just want to spotlight an art form and storytelling medium that we love.

Now, one week away from our final episode of season one, I would like to present all of our show to date.

Episode 1: Back To The Comics

Episode 2: Creators Over Characters

Episode 3: DC Comics

Episode 4: Marvel Comics

Episode5: Independent Comics

You can also hear every episode and read all the articles I wrote at the conveniently easy to remember and talk to us about it at our message board.

Big thanks to Eli for doing all the hard work, like putting us on itunes.

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