La Cucaracha! A Masters of the Universe custom figure


As a member of Mattel’s “Club Eternia” subscription (for you non-collectors, it’s an action figure-of-the-month club), I received a Mosquitor figure in the mail.  I still had the staction (statue/action figure, AKA non-poseable action figure) of Mosquitor from a few years ago, and I still preferred it to the new, bulkier version.  The Mosquitor staction had skinnier limbs, and this really cool backpack with blood tanks that looked like syringes.  That meant I now had a spare figure with bug-like features that I could customize!  the Masters of the Universe collection has quite a few bug-themed figures like Buzz-Off (a bee) and Webstor (a spider) but they had never done a roach before.

Mosquitor is a member of The Horde, so he’s wearing a Horde-style suit of armor.  I decided to go along with the Horde theme, but I still wanted to cover up the most definitive Mosquitor feature, the blood-filled Horde symbol on his chest.  I painted it solid black and glued a sculpted Horde symbol on top of it.  This was an extra piece I received with the Fighting Foe Men 3-pack.

Mosquitor had spiky, bumpy textured arms, so I painted these brown; more accurately a mixture of brown and copper to give it a bit of a sheen, to look like a roach’s exposed limbs.  I changed the colors on a few features on the armor, but I stayed within the black, red and grey colors of The Horde.

For his head, I used the second alternate head that came with Horde Prime.  As it was only used in the European version of the comic book, it was very Filmation-style; kind of goofy with bug-like antennas, but menacing enough to be villainous.  I painted the face brown and the helmet dark silver, antennas included.

I sculpted a set of roach wings out of Sculpey.  I glued them to his back.  Mosquitor’s neck and upper back were exposed, showing a exoskeletal spine, and an extra set of pincher-like bug limbs growing out of his shoulders.  I painted the whole area brown with a black wash, leading down to the wings.  I wanted to cover up the seam where I glued them on.  I had a spare part that worked perfectly.  It was a snap-on piece of armor that came with Shockwave from the Transformers:Prime collection.  I painted it black and glued it on.  It looks like a spiky extension of his armor.

I know the think-tank at Mattel would have named such a character something like “Roachor” or “Roach-Man”.  In the 200X’s, they would have called him “Battle Roach.”  I decided to name him Colonel Racha.  No matter how many troops he loses in battle, he always manages to survive!




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