For Neil: Invisible Kid II

My memories of the Legion of Superheroes are reading my younger brother’s collection of digest-sized reprints of classic 60’s Legion stories and then looking through a college friend’s comics by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, and Steve Lightle.

It’s no surprise that a comic that spanned decades would introduce changes to it’s characters.  Indeed, there were a few stories about Legionnaires sacrificing themselves in the line of duty to save the galaxy.  These were heady stories to my brother and I, perhaps because they were so rare.  Every reader of Legion comics knew that Invisible Kid died at the hands of the Fatal Five.  This was a big deal to us.


Much later, a new character sought out the Legion, seeking a cure for his ill younger sister.  It was the middle of some cosmic adventure and he drank the Invisible potion in order to save his sister.  This new Invisible Kid allowed the authors to tell stories about bravery and heroism from a fresh perspective.  Invisible Kid II was a popular character with the readers.  I don’t recall anyone focusing on the color of his skin, but rather his actions.


I hope Neil enjoys his second figure as much as his first one.

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