For Neil: Element Lad

I feel for fans of the Legion of Superheroes: Thirty some-odd super heroes that come from the 30th Century and are best friends of Superboy, with at least 4+ different versions of stories.  So much so that you have to qualify what kind of Legion fan you are: “I like the Cockrum-era Legion”, “Oh, I like the Giffen Levitz Legion…”.  Oy…

MATTEL put out a special boxed set of 12 Legionnaires.  Well, Superboy and 11 other Legionnaires:


Then, they offered a 13th figure on the internet:


So, for Legion fans (ahem- Giffen/Levitz Legion fans) you only need like 20 more figures:Image

So, Neil asked for a lucky 14th member: Element Lad


That white thing on his chest is the letter “E” in the 30th century, doncha know.  We were very happy to oblige Neil his 14th Legionnaire:


Looking at the team picture, I think I could bang out another 12-pack.

What do you think?


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3 responses to “For Neil: Element Lad

  1. I just realized looking at this that the ones I have underway are actually the harder ones. It shouldn’t be too bad. Mon-El is assembled, needs repaint. Tellus and Dawnstar are taking shape, I have the base for Blok and know what I’m going to do for Bouncing Boy.

    All that said, it won’t be as good as any of yours, but at least the Legion will look a little fuller.

  2. Deane Aikins

    Hey Rod,

    Neil and I have settled on which characters are going to be included in his “Dream Second Boxed set” of 12 and they are all pretty reasonable, sculpting wise.

    There are definitely ones that present challenges! Post pictures!

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