Lex Luthor, Desperado

I’ve done a few of these. I don’t know that this is my favorite, but it’s okay.

Oh, Lex Luthor
Oh Lex Luthor, why don’t you start acting kinder?
You put Supes through the grinder for so long now
Oh, you’re a smart one
But you use your power for evil
It makes all the people think
You’ll hurt them somehow

Don’t you wear that green and purple, Lex
You’ll look just like the Joker
You know the lab coat look is always your best bet
Now it seems to me, you’ve lost weight
And you look less like Al Roker
But fighting Superman leads to regret
Oh Lex Luthor, now you ain’t gettin’ no balder
Your hair took a powder, there’s none on your dome
Propecia, Pro-o-opecia, I guess it’s better than spray paint
But no matter what you’ll still be living alone
Does your head get cold in the prison cell?
Your hair won’t grow and you know darn well
You’ll soon be back in that suit of solid gray
You’ve been to jail so many times
Ain’t it strange how DC washes crimes away?

Oh Lex Luthor, what is your next plan of malice?
Gonna build up a palace, kryptonite gate
You’ll never stop him, he’ll find a way to defeat you
Superman will beat you, that’s always your fate


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