RAVEN RED and the Batmen of Many Nations


For the majority of the past decade, I’ve been very fortunate to have the following conversation play out during a car ride:

HIM: “So, there was a Native American Batman and Robin, too?”

ME: “Yup, they were inspired by the originals to fight crime on the Indian Reservations.  Our country hasn’t treated the Native Americans well.  The Government placed them on lands that are very inhospitable, with no real industry or resource.  There is little economy for the Native Americans and so there is very extreme poverty.”

HIM: “Wow”.

ME: “Yup.  And so Man of Bats is this surgeon who served in the war and has decided to go back to the reservation and do everything he can to help the people who live there.  Help them to figure out how to make it work.  And he gets his son to dress up as ‘Little Raven’ and help out.”


HIM: “What?”

ME: “Well, he starts out as Little Raven, but then he gets older and he’s embarrassed by all of it.  The dressing up and his Dad always trying to change things.  So he starts telling his Dad he wants to quit.  And that’s when the story gets interesting.”

HIM: “How?”

ME: “His Dad gets hurt and it’s up to Raven Red- he changes his name to be less embarrassed- do save the day on his own.  He has to make a decision on his own: he sees trouble and has to choose whether to walk away from it and quit, do it his father’s way, or try and do it his own way.”


HIM: “So what happens.”

ME: “He makes his decision.  It’s a cool story.”


HIM: “You did a good job on the helmet.”

ME: “Thanks.”


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2 responses to “RAVEN RED and the Batmen of Many Nations

  1. marvel67

    Being in the perfect demographic to be a Super Powers fan myself, I feel free to say screw them. Who needs another Superman repaint and another Kalibak when we could have gotten a brown Grodd (who would have become the Gorilla Boss of Gotham City, Congorilla, Sam Simian, and maybe King Solivar)?

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