STAR TREK Memories: The Enterprise NCC-1701

“A ship costs a lot to dress, sometimes blows a bit of smoke, and requires periodic overhauls to extend her useful life.”

– United States Navy, Rear Admiral Francis D. Foley


Of them all, is there no more favored a ship than the starship Enterprise?  STAR TREK art director Matt Jeffries confessed to being inspired by an electric stove top coil when he designed the pop-culture icon.  The very first model kit I can recall building with my father was the Enterprise.  I think it lasted 10 or so years, with various layers of glue added to the warp engine pylons.


Whereas I have enjoyed the various iterations of the STAR TREK franchise to a degree and my favorite Captain and ship may surprise some, I have to applaud the original TV show for it’s bold originality.  All other starships Enterprise are designed with the very first in mind.  All other captains are compared to James T. Kirk.


This model is from the 1/2500 scale “Cadet Series” available from ROUND2.  It clocks in about the size of a cell phone, which is great for displaying.  The decals are hyper detailed and come on large sheets that wrap the entire ship.


Share your Star Trek Memories here!

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