Fox’s GOTHAM needs Renee Montoya and GOTHAM CENTRAL

Hey, I’m a kid of HILL STREET BLUES, NYPD BLUE and a kajillion Ed McBain novels, so sue me if I love the Police Procedural.


FOX has announced their intention to produce GOTHAM, a show about a young cop named Jim Gordon and how he comes to grip with the urban tragedy known as The City That Killed The Waynes.  That could be an utterly fascinating show.  I know this, because it has been an utterly fascinating comic book at least twice.


GOTHAM CENTRAL was a great comic about the major crimes unit of Gotham City. It told stories about the corruption of the city, the unevenness of it’s police force’s moral core, and the nightmare the tourists refer to as “Batman”.  Chief amongst the players was Homicide Det. Renee Montoya.  Det. Montoya was my favorite GCPD.  She was featured in her blues in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and then again with her Detective shield in THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES.  I don’t think the cartoon ever mentioned that she was gay; quite frankly, she was too busy being a good cop.

                                                                           Image Image

It was great when they made a Commissioner Gordon figure for the 4″ NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES line.  I suppose most folks wanted a Harvey Bullock figure to go along with him, but I was more than happy to pick up this custom Det. Montoya model kit.  I probably need to make a SIG Sauer for her to hold.


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  1. Nice. I don’t know that they ever showed her as being a lesbian, but they did address it a bit with Maggie Sawyer in the Superman Animated Series, where she was injured and shown convalescing in a hospital with her girlfriend at her side.

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