Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, And Daptone Records

The fellas who run Daptone Records are doing a service to the world, recording and producing Old School Soul music with the same mentality of Motown or Stax. From playing an instrumental (literally) role in Amy Winehouse’s staggering Back To Black (The platinum record they earned for which hangs over the toilet in the studio’s bathroom) to locating singers from all around with untapped potential and putting them in front of microphones and out on tour, these guys deserve congressional medals of honor. Flagship act Sharon Jones was working as a prison guard until Daptone recruited her, now she’s touring all over the planet. Plucked from obscurity and shined till she glows. The major music indusry continues on without much notice, but for a niche audience it’s a gift from Heaven.

Seeing a Daptone act live is an experience, not just because whoever you’re going to see is going to blow your mind, but also because the merch table is a wonder all it’s own. Daptone has a vast catalog of releases on 45 arranged numerically. It’s a collector’s dream (and nightmare, if you’re trying to have a complete collection) and the attention to detail is superb. So if you go to a show, pack some extra ducketts in your pocket. Charles Bradley is on tour, if you live where I do (You know who you are) he’ll be throwing down April 24 at Headliner’s. See you there.

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