Ready Steady Go! The Dynamic Duo of Great Britain

Of all the Batmen of Many Nations, my favorite is a Robin of Many Nations: The Squire of Great Britain:


The gag was the “Dark Knight” of the UK was actually “The Knight” and his aide was “The Squire”.  They were a pretty thin joke and stayed that way for a good fifty years.  Grant Morrison decided to make them interesting in a great bit called JLA CLASSIFIED 1-3.  The Squire had grown up inheriting The Knight’s mantle and had a new Squire, Beryl.  They went on to star in several key moments of BATMAN INC.


The Book You Need To Read?  A hard-to-find collection called, coincidently, KNIGHT AND SQUIRE, done by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton.   Quite possibly the best comic I read that year, and not just because of Jarvis Poker The British Joker.  Trust me, if you read my blog, you need this book.


The truth of it is: It’s all Beryl’s story.  It’s her growing out of adolescence and, sometimes painfully, into adulthood.


DC DIRECT did THE KNIGHT in their limited BATMAN INC wave, but missed the point of the book when they forgot the brain of the team.


I had delayed making The Squire for a million years, thinking it was going to be some onerous task.  Quite the opposite, our Beryl turned out to make herself and did so quite nicely.  I made only one real artistic interpretation, which was to do her crest in gold: it was practically invisible in green.  I did the Knight’s belt buckle in a matching black background, which drew attention to it nicely.


Right. Enjoy these figures, go read the book, and let’s share a toast: To moderation.


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3 responses to “Ready Steady Go! The Dynamic Duo of Great Britain

  1. I first met her thanks to Grant…

  2. burnrourk

    She looks great! I don’t recognize the figure you used. What was the recipe?

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