Happy 100th Birthday, Bill Finger.

Batman had two creators. Bob Kane had the idea for a masked vigilante in bright blood red with big Bat-wings. Bill Finger had the vision to make him unique looking with the addition of a horned cowl, and a scalloped cape that when spread open would resemble said wings. Among Finger’s other contributions were the Batman being more of a detective and forensic scientist than your average pulp-era vigilante, as well as coming up with the character’s secret identity: Bruce Wayne.
Finger passed away in 1974, and unfortunately his contributions still go uncredited to this day as Kane’s contract with DC (read Warner Bros.) gave him exclusive creator rights to the character. But I, like countless others, wouldn’t have the character I love if not for a prolific visionary in a dusty New York flat c. 1938 who created a man that would become a Bat. Thank you, Bill.



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2 responses to “Happy 100th Birthday, Bill Finger.

  1. All the nasty things people say about Stan they should be saying about Kane.

  2. Jonas Bruins

    Where that figure come from? Is it customized?

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