Hell Hath No Fury Like Talia

TRUE STORY: When my brother and I were little, Pops would take us into Dearborn for a Friday night ritual.  We would grab dinner and then stop at the LITTLE PROFESSOR BOOK CENTER to buy comics.  I could always get one or two, but one day I saw something that freaked me out:


I was seven and totally hooked into the world of NEAL ADAMS.

I suppose the BATMAN powers to be figure always figured him for Catwoman, more or less.  Unlike Superman, Batman had no other life with a Lois Lane to come home too.  Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams changed that when they created the above story: their villain, Ra’s Al Ghul, was an international mastermind with a daughter, Talia, torn between her obligations to her father’s crime cartel and her love for Batman.


Talia has never really had a “costume” per se, mostly wearing a dress or a jumpsuit, but first drawn in the above cover with a more safari mix of the two.  Interestingly, artist Neal Adams changed her outfit panel -to- panel in the story, so I went with the cover that I saw back in 1977, combined with the coloring inside the comic.


Neal Adams was not the first artist to draw Talia Al Ghul.  But that cover- I love that cover-  never forgot it.



What costume would you made a Talia figure in?  Discuss here:


And yes, some day soon Ima gonna fix the DCUC Ras’ head sculpt..

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