Hong Kong Batgirl: Black Bat v2.0

We were huge fans of the ninja Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, because it showed just how much butt-kicking a Batgirl could be.  Thankfully, Grant Morrison recalled her in his international Magnum Opus, BATMAN INC and cast her as “Black Bat”, the Batman Agent of Hong Kong.

Black Bat was one of the first BATMAN INC figures we made, here:


But when artist Chris Burnham checked our work out, he lamented:

“…[T]he original intent was for Black Bat’s armwraps to be black and tattered as well. So that if you were drawing her like McFarlane or Breyfogle you couldn’t tell where her cape ended and her arms began. But no one ever drew her like I did… my version is on like two pages of the Leviathan Strikes one-shot. But it was a pretty literal scene so I couldn’t go all “demon of the night” on her.”

Whelp, we looked it up and sure enough, there she is:


White tape on a ninja doesn’t make a lot of sense, come to think about it.  In fact, we liked it so much we had to go and upgrade to Black Bat v2.0:

Image Sadly, Black Bat played a very small role in the BATMAN INC saga, which was a shame.  She was a world-class fighter and probably would have saved the day for Robin the Boy Delinquent Wonder.

Image I think the concept of BATMAN INC had tons of potential as a spin-off series, with so many characters and a global setting.  Sigh


Next up?  We go sidekick!

Other BATMAN INC members we have to make?  Discuss here:


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