Underdogs ‘R Us

It’s one of my favorite films of all-time.  A fantastic story of a nobody, down on his luck, who turns that all around in a million to one shot.  Add to that Stallone even getting the film made, particularly with himself in the lead, was it’s own challenge.  I really  just love the whole package.
So one night while watching it I had a crisis of conscience: Why wasn’t Rocky on my shelf anymore?  Hot Toys had a couple versions of Balboa with one being from Rocky III and the other from from Rocky IV.  At one point I owned the latter, but I really wanted the true underdog of the spirit of the character.  The struggle.  The determination.  I wanted something that embodied the symbolism of the training scene in which he charges up the steps conquering each one along the way. So I decided to make just that.
It started with a relief cast made from a Hot Toys Rambo head. Hot Toys being known far and wide for their uncanny likenesses there was no better place to start.  Of course it helped that I already had that head for a Rambo custom.


From there the cast was grafted onto another sculpt. One with ears. The hair and hat were sculpted from there.

rock 1


The rest is pretty basic kitbashing. Some of of it came from the parts tub. Some of it, such as the Converse, I picked up off ebay.   The body was built up with epoxy to accommodate Stallone’s proportions in the film.  I just kept adding to it until everything hummed.

rocky (2)

rocky (3)

And lastly the stand was done using the base from the more recent Batman figure.

Rocky 5

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  1. it’s amazing how much a new paint job made him look so much peppier.

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