Year End Movie Cram Review, Part 2

Picking up where I left off…
Her. I have seen the future through the eyes of Spike Jonze, and it is a bland and passionless place. Where humans have evolved into creatures so dull, even their own computers leave them. And I believe this is exactly what Jonze intends. Not that this isn’t a sweet and at times moving love story, there are elements of that. But Phoenix plays the lead in such a fragile and meek way, the inevitability of his heartbreak seems preordained in hindsight. Which leads me to believe this is more a cautionary tale regarding social media tech and what it means to give ourselves over so completely to its seduction. Fine film, not the best of the year but thought provoking and worth seeing.
Saving Mr. Banks. Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney, Emma Thompson plays P L Travers and Colin Farrell plays the most sympathetic character of his career. Set around the repeated attempts of Disney to lure Travers into Mickey’s fold, we are taken on a hopscotch journey from England, to 60’s Disney studios and frequently, in flashback, to Travers’s childhood in Australia. My expectations for this film were moderate. While I am certainly a fan of Disney and what he created, I had no real connection to the Marry Poppins character or film. It was not needed. This film is so heartfelt and sincere it is impossible to not fall in with Thompson as she works over her personal demons, and almost everyone she meets along the way. The directing is superb and John Lee Hancock should be praised for how he handled the time-shifts. Seamless. Performances across the board were tremendous, with this being the first time I remember actually forgetting Tom Hanks was onscreen, he so thoroughly became Walt. Truly excellent film, certainly in my top 5 for 2013 and a must see.


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2 responses to “Year End Movie Cram Review, Part 2

  1. Rod Miller

    I’m glad to hear such a positive review of Saving. I really want to see it but was afraid it might not be very good (despite having Hanks and Thompson.)

  2. W E Wertenberger

    Maybe I was just in the mood for it, but man I loved it.

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