Slap leather! (Part the fourth)

Not a big Superman fan.

Have I said that before? I love Captain Marvel.  Not a big Superman fan.

That being said, my brother would occasionally get a SUPERMAN or ACTION COMICS in the seventies and man, they were nuts.  My favorite was when Superman needed to kick ass in a Supermobile (and who amongst us doesn’t, every once in a while?) and anything drawn by Jose-Garcia Lopez, but then my brother bought a comic where Superman fought Terra-Man: The Space Cowboy.


Terra-Man, the best I can figure out, is some dude who can ride a horse with wings, in outer space, and shot laser pistols that look like western six-shooters, and be in outer space, and … take on Superman.

Now, that is insane to me. “Evil Space Cowboy” is simply and utterly nuts.  However, Terra-Man is no more or less nuts than anything else in Superman comics: Super-dogs, Bizarro Superman, Lex Luthor, General Zod: all nuts.

Therein lies my problem with superhero movies that are not targeted at my kids: making grim and “adult” versions of comic books like Superman is more nuts than Terra-Man.  Wanna bet?  This is what DC did to Terra-Man when they tried to re-pitch him to their more “grim and mature” comic audience:


What in the world is that?  Bazooka Man?

If you’re gonna go nuts, you have to go full-on nuts.  Hence my adoration of Terra-Man (in Sepia-toned Western filter!):


I used a heavily adapted DCUC JONAH HEX figure, along with a casted DCUC Captain Atom head.  The cape is from a DC Direct Captain Marvel.

Terra-Man was made with love for a friend who has been feeling a little glum this winter.  I hope it brightens his day and his Superman collection!


“Wa-Hoo”, indeed.

Missing old western comics? Seventies super villains?  Discuss here:  


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6 responses to “Slap leather! (Part the fourth)

  1. Rod Miller

    I can’t see the pictures for some reason. Did you make a winged horse?

    coz I am. Two, actually.

  2. Deane Aikins

    Really? Turn off your Seventies Cowboy Porn internet filter.

    No, the DCUC pelvis is no good for saddles. I just did The Man.

  3. Rod Keith

    That is phenomenal. Looks perfect!

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