Meow! Catwoman v2.0 (Part the fourth)

Yup, you can count me in the group that liked the 1966 BATMAN show.  Sure, the quality dropped as the production ran into troubles, but you couldn’t convince me of that as a kid.

After decades of legal wranglings, the various contracts were signed and BATMAN toys finally hit the shelves last year.  I grabbed a whole bunch of ’em and got the rest when AMAZON decided to liquidate their backlog.


I figure most people think of Julie Newmar as the essential Catwoman, but I really dug Eartha Kitt in the role.  She was tougher, more sinister.  She gave Batman a run for his money.


The Catwoman figure was cast with a soft plastic head that I wasn’t sure would tolerate sculpting and modification, so I hacked off most of the hair and cast it.


To give the general impression of Miss Kitt, I changed the jaw line and nostrils.  I also added ears.  I used a foil and metal armature to support the high pony tail.


The mask really did it for me.


I have a spare Catwoman figure ready to make Batgirl, if MATTEL truly has ended the toy line.  As much as I would like to make even more villains from the show, the unique scale makes customizing a bit of a challenge.

Mr. Freeze?  Mad Hatter?  King Tut?

It’s something to ponder, old chum!

Ponder with me here:


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3 responses to “Meow! Catwoman v2.0 (Part the fourth)

  1. adam

    How did you make the mask for the catwoman I wanna make one for my my Julie catwoman. Please help me. Thank you. Great job by the way.

  2. Deane Aikins

    Hi Adam. Thanks for the kind words. It’s black pin striping tape.

  3. Rod Keith

    Love it!!! She looks puuuuuuurrrrrrrrfect.

    Finally got Batgirl and the Batcave Batman. Love the Adam West head.

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