SHAZAM! It’s a MEGO Marvel! (Part the third)

I loved my childhood MEGO figures.  The best toys I had as a kid, hands down.  I kept a bunch of them and went back and replaced a few.

Despite my affections, I am reluctant to make new ones.  True, many could stand a costume upgrade to something more accurate and there are many additions that could be done, but for some reason my heart just isn’t in it.

It’s probably because I can’t sew.

Mego Shazam

One of my favorites is Captain Marvel (I refuse to call him Shazam!  I shamelessly stole Xander’s great photo of the classic Captain.   That was the guy who granted the Captain his powers).  The costume is not *really* accurate- the boots and cape aren’t exactly right- and the head sculpt doesn’t look at all like The Captain, but I love it.

A couple of years ago, a cat named Doc Mego managed to get MATTEL to produce a bunch of the MEGO figures back into the spotlight, based on revamped and improved costumes and head sculpts.


Now, a red and gold costume is probably a lot closer to what the Captain originally looked like, but that face…

… at which point Rocko sauntered over and announced that the figure was “Borderline Offensive.”

Yeah, that’s not a great head sculpt.

My brother went and found a beautiful CAPTAIN MARVEL head and asked me to make it happen for him.  I was all too happy to oblige:


It looks a lot like Jerry Ordway’s POWER OF SHAZAM graphic novel.  I really like it.

MEGOs have started making yet another comeback: You can get most of the BATMAN related figures and they are even making figures from the 1966 BATMAN TV show.


I dunno.  It makes me want to go find my old Captain Marvel.


Have a favorite MEGO?  Can you sew?  Join the discussion here:


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4 responses to “SHAZAM! It’s a MEGO Marvel! (Part the third)

  1. While the new guy has a head that says “Special Ed Superman,” the original Mego Captain Marvel has a head like the guy that played him on that show. I got a hold of one a few years ago cheap because he was all Dr.Mego parts. For a time, I gad him in a more accurate cape and customized boots…but I eventually decided that I like him better looking inaccurate but authentic to the time. I dunno- as I get older, I’m finding that I enjoy flaws sometimes. the charm is in the inaccuracies.

    That said, I don’t usually stay friends with people who insist on calling him “Shazam.”

    • Deane Aikins

      Oh yeah. I’m happy for anyone and everyone to exclaim “Shazam!” ala Gomer Pyle, but if you start slinging that around as “Hi! My Name is” you are Out. The. Door.

  2. Rod Miller

    Is the Green Arrow the slightly larger one from the WB stores? And where did the Flash come from?

  3. Deane Aikins


    I added a link to the discussion forum. I’ll answer questions there and post more pics of my custom Green Arrow and Flash.

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